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- Ngina Thomas

From a Makeup Artist

"I am so grateful and can't tell you how much I appreciate you noticing those important things about my website...this is exactly the reason that I recommend you guys to every client and associate that I meet :) As a busy makeup artist, I don’t have the time (or the interest lol!) to learn about computers. As a result, I am 100% computer illiterate! So your website product — and your patience — help so much! My website is awesome and my business is growing! You guys ROCK!!"

- Whitney Parker, makeup artist

From a Makeup Artist / Stylist…

"I have desperately needed a new site for years..thanks to you i have an amazing new site...it was so simple and inexpensive. i had put it off for too long not knowing there was someone like you out there...thanks so much...love maxi"

- Maxi

From a Makeup Artist / Stylist…

"I am so impressed with your team! I am COMPLETELY computer illiterate & I was able to build a beautiful site for my business. Its user friendly, professional, & a breeze to navigate through. Every time I needed help (or had a silly question), someone responded within minutes (I even called late at night once & Betz walked me through some questions I had). Everyone I dealt with while building my site was patient, friendly, & happy to help me! I am so beyond thrilled with my experience & grateful the cost is so reasonable! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!"

- Allison Pynn

From a Makeup Artist…

"I was referred to webPhotoMaster by a friend. I was with another provider and not satisfied at all. (This) is really easy to use, you can create it yourself, and most of all VERY VERY reasonable… Of course you want to look VERY professional, too, and it does... I love it.. I want to show everyone my website...If (anyone) needs an easy, very reasonable web site for their business, they should check out webPhotoMaster FIRST."

- Teena Hoffstetter

From a Photographer…

"Within days (Webphotomaster) helped generate new business for me. Ridiculously easy to set up and manage, it really is a one-stop shop. And in a day and age of bad customer service, (you) guys stand head and shoulders above the rest with your attention!"

- Kam Khan

From a Makeup Artist…

"Wow, thank you for checking up!! This is my first website ever, and it's fantastic. I'm addicted. Thank you!"

- Anthony Nguyen

From a Clothing Designer…

"The site has been launched, thanks to your team's great follow through. It looks Fantastic! I am in love with this design because of it's classic simplicity, balance, and sophisticated presentation. Your team is great because you are creative, very focused on client needs…and know your technology inside out."

- DH Premium Menswear

From a Photographer…

"I was referred to WPM through another photographer, and since then I've been doing the same to all my photographer friends. Clean designs combined with speed and ease of updating and organizing photos are definitely top-notch."

- Kesler Tran

From a Home Renovation Company…

"We're delighted with webPhotoMaster! After more than a year of frustration and getting nowhere with so-called "do it yourself" website design packages, we learned about this product! Wow! What a difference it has made in our business! Pictures speak louder than words, and we finally have a great way to put our remodeling photos in front of prospective clients. Gone are the days of emailing photos again and again, and wondering if the recipients could even download them. WebPhotoMaster makes it fast and easy! WIth only a few minutes of instruction from the tech support team, we can now upload our photos and write a caption in a snap. Now we can just refer our clients to our website, and our volume of business has increased dramatically with clients telling us they saw our pictures online. Plus, there are some unexpected benefits too: clients who originally wanted a bathroom remodel are seeing our kitchen photos and contracting with us for that too! Or, they say: "copy that bathroom in my house." Since launching the site we've had an explosion of new business -- we've even had to hire more crews. We can't say enough good things about what webPhotoMaster has done for our business!"

- Bob and Anne DeLong

From a Photographer…

"I was suprised to find how easy (webPHOTOMaster) was to use and to update myself. On the off chance that I do have additional questions, the service is great, and I get immediate and helpful advice. On top of all of that, it was very inexpensive to set up and maintain the website which is great! Five hour energy, I use it, I love it!"

- Tremayne DeShon Bew

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