Answers to FAQs

Getting Started, General Information

I already own my domain name and/or email...can I use that?
Yes, you simply provide your access information for us to move your account to our server. We don't charge extra for domain registration, and there are management benefits to you if your domain and website both being together. Your domain remains yours, and can be transferred. We do require that you account is in good standing and any domain fees we have paid on your behalf will be pro-rated and charged back. Call if you have questions. 

I already have email accounts elsewhere...can I use those?
From a marketing standpoint, it is beneficial to use a professional email address to further market your trade or company name (instead of Yahoo, Google, etc.), you are under no obligation to do so. We don't charge extra for email, nor do we make money on it, we only provide it as an included service.

I don't have a credit card...can I still buy a wPM site?
Yes, you may pay by check if you pay yearly...call our billing manager to make arrangements.

How soon will my gallery site be LIVE?
If you have provided all information we need in setup, your site will be activated within 1-2 business days of your order date.  Weekends and holidays are not included.  If we contact you for clarification, problems, or questions, your setup is in limbo until we hear back from you. If you have an urgent "LIVE date" please let us know in the "notes" section at checkout or call... we will do all we can to accommodate you.

Can I use a logo instead of a font?
Yes, just email it to us when you sign up and we'll take care of it to make it look it's best on your site.

Can I use a different font on my gallery than what is shown in the Design sample?
Sure, in v2 you have font choices. Also you can provide a logo as a high res vectored graphic with a transparent background and we can program that in your name area.

I'd like something on my site I don't see...can't I have it put on?
We can do customizations for an additional charge.  But it may also be something that's in the product and you're just not aware of it, so contact us.  If you have a need we'll consider implementing it if it can benefit others.

When checking out, I got an error message when I put in my credit card info.
Very rarely, there is an anomaly that can occur with an individual's browser setup that blocks certain e-comm functions. If this happens, please call us at 703.818.8866 or email support. We can take the information from you over the phone. DO NOT email credit card information, as it is not secure enroute.

Do you offer discounts for multiple sites?
Yes, you get 50% off the setup of the second site. If you want multiple sites, call us for best deal.

Can I change my Gallery Design? How much does that cost?
Yes! You can change your design free if it's within 7 days of activation. You may change it later for just half of the setup cost of the new design you've chosen. You will be charged the new monthly rate of the new design from the time you switch over.
NOTE: The image area of the new design may vary from what you have, so you MAY have to re-upload your images and/or text pages, depending on the designs involved. It's always best to follow good workflow procedures and backup your text for this eventuality.

What if I'm not happy with my site?
Contact us and we'll figure out which design better suits you. There is no charge to change designs in the first 7 days. We also offer a money-back policy if you change your mind altogether in the first 7 days. 

Can I just buy the code and host where I want to?
Sorry, no.

What is "workflow" and what does it mean in regard to my gallery site?
"Workflow" is the process of working with images and files. It is critical organizational patterns for anyone who works with files consistently on a computer. Good workflow allows you to maximize your time, know which files are where, and protects you against loss. The "Workflow" / Getting Started portion of our Help document offers valuable tips on how to set up and archive your gallery images and page text to keep you from going crazy!

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The LIVE Demo

I signed up for the demo and never heard anything from webPHOTOMaster.
You must provide a legitimate email address. Demo logins are emailed immediately. If you do not receive an email from info@webPHOTOMaster.com within a few minutes, check your spam and/or junk folder. If it isn't there and you use Yahoo, AOL, or any free email service, our messages may not get through due to their sender registration requirements. Call 703.818.8866 or write support@webPHOTOMaster.com to get your access login info.

Why does the LIVE Demo look different from the Design sample?
Some features are specific to certain designs. When system enhancements are made that don't affect the functionality of the demo, we do not update the demo, but we DO ALWAYS UPDATE THE SAMPLE SITES ON THE DESIGN PAGE.  The purpose of the demo is to show you overall ease of use for entering text pages and uploading/managing photos...it is not meant to build a sample site.

Adding Blogs, Forums, Videos, and E-comm (Paypal®)

Your webPHOTOMaster website is compatible and ready for the implementation or addition of Blogs, Forums, Videos, and Paypal.  We will be providing "how-to" video shorts to help guide you soon. Meanwhile, please call or email support if you need help adding these features to your site or want your Blog to appear as a separate full-time page link.

How to Upload Videos
Your YouTube® video uploads are easily implemented.  Just grab the code they provide, and paste it into the text editor on one of your site pages. You can add a line of descriptive text above the videos (your first video frame automatically becomes the "still photo" from which your video is launched). 

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Site-Manager Features

How do I know how to start building my galleries?
There is a HELP tab right in the Site-Manager for reference. There are also Help Bubbles throughout...just mouse over words. And we are here to help if you need it!
I've uploaded images/ graphics but the thumbnails don't look right/ don't show.
Make sure you have uploaded your files as RGB files, not CMYK. If there is a file name and space in the thumbnails but the thumbnail is missing, you have a corrupted image. Delete the image and reupload.

I've uploaded photos and now my site comes up blank.
Same answer as above. Go into site-manager and find the problem image and delete.

I've made text changes and they don't show on the site.
With some browsers, you must refresh before changes are seen because of cache.

Gallery Design Appearance

Why are my images so oddly bright /neon?
That occurs when you have uploaded CMYK images instead of RGBs.

Can I customize a design beyond color?
Yes, we can customize any Website/ gallery design. That work is done separately for a special rate which we can estimate when we talk about your requests. Once the work is done, your monthly charge is assessed based on the design we start from, plus any other add-ons we implement for you. Customizing a site usually begins at around $150 except for minor changes that don't affect the site-manager.