The Magic of v2
webPHOTOmaster v2 sets a new standard for pre-designed, self-managed portfolio websites!

webPHOTOMaster™ is a streamlined, self-managed photo gallery website builder that offers amazing capabilities for customization.  The flexible framework and large, dynamic sizing serves professionals' needs, but, along with live support, also works well for novice computer users.  While you're buying all the good things about a pre-designed hosted website, you don't need to look like everyone else. Select your own fonts and colors, customize your footer information and menu, and format your text pages the way you want to brand your look and make your images shine.

From optional preset color schemes to large image areas...from integrated social networking and Google tools to integrated blog and more,  wPm packs more into this offering than you've ever seen before! 

The oversized image area shows your best work in a beautiful, powerful presentation that dynamically sizes to fill any size monitor and/or screen resolution. A separate mobile version carries your color scheme and is fast-loading, easy to navigate, and compatible with Androids, iPads, and iPhones.

With an intuitive site-manager and on-th-fly help bubbles, you can get started within minutes of account activation; and within a couple hours or less, you could be ready to go LIVE…we promise!

webPHOTOmaster v2 is based on new technology with all the excitement of Flash but none of the downside.  What does that mean to you?

• Your webPHOTOmaster site will look great on all devices, including iPhones and iPads

• Technology changes, including browsers, will be easier to accommodate quickly

• Visitors to your site will not be reliant on software to view properly

• Site customizations and new designs and capabilities will be faster to implement

The v2 framework allows us to give our clients even more say in what we roll out next. 
We are  already developing another round of tools/features that will help photographers and designers better serve their clients and agencies. That was initiated by one of our customers! 

Truly amazing. We've even impressed ourselves!

We're confident you won't find another product like this in the market--with this list of features, at this price, and with LIVE support
. This is a robust product to use as the center of your business...to communicate, share, and entertain your prospects and clients. 

v2 gives you more creative control than you ever dreamed of

• Choose your display font from a list of browser friendlies
• Add a subtle background that makes you unique, or have us design one for you
• Completely control your colors and change them whenever you want

• Easily create and style your menu as drop down or static
• Manage all aspects of social networking and sharing tools
• Link pdfs and other documents
• Add unlimited pages and galleries
• Customize your site headers and footer information
• Manage music
• Interweave text, videos, and galleries
• Create a "home" page look, or have us to do one for you ($99 - $200)
• Upload images up to 15 megs and recrop to get it the way you like it
• Start writing your own blog (it's integrated into the design!) to increase exposure
• Captions and numbered images on all designs
• Use the 7+ built-in tools to increase your ranking on Search Engines

Check out the FULL FEATURE LIST.

A special note to current customers

Aside from the obvious differences in the look of v2, there are over 20 new tools, capabilities, and "options" available to you!  Even if you think you don't need everything v2 offers, you have the capability to grow into without having to find a more expensive, custom solution.

It doesn't cost much to switch to v2, but you may qualify for a FREE upgrade based on recently upgrading your Flash site or your status as new customer.  To find out if you qualify, email us.